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Remember Pearl Harbor!

Remember Peal Harbor!
~ The Attack on the USS Nevada ~
This superb print shows the attack on the USS Nevada, the only battleship able to get underway during that fateful day. The Nevada survived and was the the only ship from Pearl Harbor to participate in the Normandy invasion in 1944. signed by 4 Nevada crewmen.

Battleship Row-The Aftermath

Battleship Row ~ The Aftermath

This black and white showing the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack, will be issued free to those purchasing both "Remember Pearl Harbor" and "The Legend of Colin Kelly."


The Legend of Colin Kelly

The Legend of  Colin Kelly
~ Remember Pearl Harbor! ~
A few hours after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, they launched an attack on the U.S. bases in the Philippines. Colin Kelly became the first U.S. hero of W.W.II two days later. After a successful bombing attack on a Japanese cruiser, he was returning to his base when jumped by ten Japanese fighter planes. With his B-17 on fire, he remained at the controls long enough to let his crew escape. Before he himself could exit the doomed bomber, the aircraft blew up, and Colin Kelly passed into W.W.II and Aviation History.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun
~ Remember Pearl Harbor! ~
Robert Taylor has created  a companion print for the "Legend of Colin Kelly", a superb print of the A6M2 Zero. Signed by the highest scoring, surviving Japanese Ace of W.W.II, Saburo Sakai.

The Doolittle Raiders

The Doolittle Raiders by Robert Taylor
~ Remember Pearl Harbor! ~
On April 18,1942, just four months after the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, a small force of B-25 Mitchell bombers under the command of Colonel Jimmy Doolittle, took off from the deck of the US Aircraft Carrier Hornet. The sixteen planes made the first US attack of WWII on the Japanese homeland. While not causing extensive damage to the Japanese war effort, it caused major phychological damage, as they thought their country was invulnerable to attack. It also caused Japan to build up it's home defence forces, keeping those men and war material out of the war zone


Bogey's Eleven O'Clock High

Bogey's Eleven O'Clock High by Robert Taylor

18 April 1943, P-38 Lightnings approach Bougainville, seeking to intercept the "Betty" bomber carrying Japanese Combined Fleet Commander Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. Autographed by all nine surviving P38 pilots who flew the most succesful intercept mission of World War ll.

Mission Beyond Darkness

Mission Beyond Darkness

Mission Beyond Darkness by Robert Taylor

On June 20, 1944, a spotter plane reported the enemy position of Admiral Omwa's carrier fleet to Admiral Mitscher's Task Force 58. Mitscher knew the risks of dispatching a large force on such a long-range mission so late in the day, but he also knew his task was to get the carriers. That night, after a seemingly successful encounter, seventy planes went into the water. For Mitscher's aircrews, the long return to TF-58 went into history as the 'Mission Beyond Darkness'.

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