A V I A T I O N   &   S P A C E
The 20th Century Frontiers of Art
      Frontiers have fascinated America for hundreds of years—from the time the first settlers landed here, to the present, as man pushes his influence into limitless space. All the elements of romance and adventure of the Old West, are with us today in the frontiers of aviation and space. Aviation and space pioneers like Charles Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic, and Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon, reach out to people’s hearts and imaginations just like the frontiersmen of old. Fighter pilots waging deadly dog-fights in the skies, stir our fears, and excite us, much as the gunfighters and gunfights of yesteryear. The gods and angels that once held sole sway in the heavens, have yielded to the test pilot and the astronaut, just as the Native American yielded to the pioneers. These brave men and women continue to expand the frontiers of our existence and experience.
       Closely behind the explorers and the frontiersmen of the West went the artists. Greats, like Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell, chronicled, glorified and immortalized their subjects.

Aviation & Space Artists

      In this issue we introduce a few of the great artists who have followed the aviation pioneers into history, and who now bring the thrill and excitement of flight to our eyes and our hearts: Robert Taylor, Nicolas Trudgian, Mike Machat, and Alan Bean.
       Robert Taylor worked as a professional picture restorer for five years, after leaving the Bath School of Art, in England, continuing to paint in his spare time. His restoring work brought him into intimate contact with the work of the great masters, ancient and modern. He gained valuable insight into the techniques of many of these great painters, which radically influenced his own techniques. Now known as a master-painter of sea and sky, Taylor's aviation prints are internationally renowned and are highly regarded by collectors.
      His work has been on many television programs, and in newspaper and magazine articles. His highly successful one-man exhibition in London in 1983 was covered by Granada TV and many of the UK’s leading national newspapers. In 1987 his one-man exhibition at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. was seen by 10 million visitors and has been quoted as the most successful aviation art exhibition ever staged. Many consider Taylor to be the premier aviation artist in the world.
      Nicholas Trudgian, often described as a traditional landscape artist who paints aircraft, has combined extraordinary talent with an eye for "hardware", as he puts it, and revels in depicting the magnificent flying machines of WW II. Since he exploded on to the fine art scene at the end of the 1980s, his portrayals of the classic fighters and bombers have propelled him to the forefront of Aviation Art. Today he is unquestionably among the top three most popular aviation artists painting anywhere in the world.
      His paintings have a compelling quality. Hanging in the gallery, it is simply impossible to walk past one of his works, be it print or original. His work has tremendous impact, and in each there is so much detail to admire. The quality of his aviation art is recognized around the world, and demand for his work has justifiably reached remarkable levels.

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