James C. Christensen
Porcelain/ Bronze

fishwizard-.jpg (13136 bytes) The Fish Wizard - Purveyor of Imagination by James Christensen
Limited Edition of 1,500 $160
Winter/Spring 1999 Now Available
Christensen explains "Although I like to think of the world as my classroom I cannot possibly
teach enough people as I'd like on my own. So like everyone else, sometimes I ask for a little
help from my 'friends.' Allow the Fish Wizard -identified by his fish, my favorite symbol for
unexpected everyday magic- to introduce himself. Carrying the weight of his responsibilities in
the hump of his back, he travels around to preach the good word and keep out a mindful eye for fresh recruits who share in my favorite notion that 'Believing is Seeing.' (Are you one of them?) He carries a staff with the Latin benediction 'blessed is the little fish.'"
sometimes-.jpg (10778 bytes) Sometimes the Spirit Touches Us Through Our Weaknesses by James Christensen
Limited Edition of 1,950 A Greenwich Workshop Collector's Edition
porcelain and fine art print ( not shown ).
Porcelain height approx.: 7 1/2" h 
Winter/Spring 1999 Now Available
"The hunchback is Everyman, and the hump is his burden. We all have burdens. The point is, as he sits there on that box, he may be concerned, but at the place where the angel spirit's finger touches the hump, there's a little light. I did this to remind us that most growth comes through dealing with adversity. If you pray for strength, God sends you a set of weights. The floor is my classic checkerboard pattern, symbolizing the opposing aspects of life - the light and the dark, the day and night, the yin and the yang... The hunchback is sitting on a box that says literally, in Latin, 'after clouds, sun.' That's supposed to remind all of us to always look for the silver lining."
- James C. Christensen "Professor of Imagination"
mrsclaus-.jpg (10154 bytes) Mrs. Claus by James Christensen
Limited Edition of 1,300 $295
Fall 1998
Santa's Other Helpers and Mrs. Claus embody our childhood visions of this jolly couple, as they share their love of little winter birds and the holiday season. She's even wearing a genuine garnet necklace (perhaps a present from Mr. Claus...?).
respman-.jpg (9993 bytes) The Responsible Man by James Christensen
Limited Edition of 1,950 $450
Fall 1998
James says: "You ever have one of those days? Don't worry; you're not alone. Unlike The Responsible Woman who's flying over the trees, this guy is plodding along with his responsibilities: he's got a boat full of people on his head - they represent all who he cares for and who support and motivate him, a medicine bag to care for the sick, a remote control to take charge of channel surfing, a nest egg on his back, a clock, a to-do list, an unusual hedgehog briefcase and he's pursuing the carrot of external motivation."

Bronze Sculptures

Sleeper Lost in Dreams bronze sculpture by James Christensen    A Lawyer More Than Adequetely Attired in Fine Print bronze sculpture by James Christensen

Sleeper Lost in Dreams                                A Lawyer More Than Adequetely Attired in Fine Print By James Christensen (See More)                 By James Christensen (See More)

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