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The images below represent just a small sampling of what is available. For further information, current prices and availability of any Bev Doolittle prints or originals please call Gallery Josephs Fine Art and Framing at (661) 733-0906.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the issue prices are listed. Once a print is "sold out," it is often available on the secondary market, where prices vary depending on source and also fluctuate. The images shown on this page are merely details from the original — to show a bit of the subject matter, and hopefully interest you in looking further. Click on the image or the title to see the full print.

We tried to strike good balance between image quality and download time. Your comments are welcome.

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The Earth if My Mother

The Earth is My Mother

Image size: 18 " wide by 18" high;

Spring Break

Spring Break

Image size: 10" wide by 8" high; 1,500 prints issued. Consecutively numbered and signed by the artist. First ever Bev Doolittle water color reproduced as a Giclée on paper
FRAMING: We've designed some spectacular framing for this print. Click here to see.

Music in the Wind

Music in the Wind


Image size: 36 1/2" wide by 10 1/2" high; 37,689 prints issued. Consecutively numbered and signed by the artist.
Currently available on the secondary market only — call for quote.

FRAMING: We've designed a spectacular setting for this print. A paper cast Indian Flute with Feather, by Allen Eckman, is framed into the overall piece in a stunningly beautiful shadowbox effect. Click here to see.

Pintos (detail)


In "Pintos" the magic began to happen. Suddenly my mind was crowded with experiments I wanted to make, patterns I wanted to play with, stories I wanted to tell. — Bev Doolittle

Issued in 1978 for $65 each,this piece currently retails for thousands of dollars. Issue size: 1000 Image size: 21" x 21"
Currently available on the secondary market only — call for quote. (As of December 2001 retail on this piece ranged from $8-10,000 or higher)

When the Wind Had Wings (detail)

When the Wind had Wings

A broken song beneath the snow, the echo of a soaring joy, a shape in the mist, a touch in the rain, in the wilderness you come tell us what we used to know... you speak for all the free wild things whose ways were ours when the wind had wings. — Bev Doolittle (Caption taken from the print.)

Issued in 1994; 57,500 prints for $325 each.
Size: 45 5/8"x 6"
Currently available on the secondary market only — call for quote.

Doubled Back (detail)

Doubled Back

One day I was following a hillside trail ... looked down directly at the big, unmistakably fresh tracks of a grizzly bear. At the time those footprints in the mud were the closest I'd ever been to a grizzly. — Bev Doolittle

Issued in 1988; 15,000 prints for $245 each. Image size: 34" x 21 7/8"
Call for current quote.

The Sacred Circle (detail)

The Sacred Circle

I wanted this painting to do more than preach conservation. I wanted to suggest a different way of looking at the earth, a different way of relating to it. It's hard for me to put into words the things I feel when I'm out in the wilderness. I want to share it, but I have to do in a visual way through my paintings. — Bev Doolittle

Issued in 1992; 40,192 prints for $325 each. Image size: 26" x 26 1/2."
Currently available on the secondary market only — call for quote.

Wilderness! Wilderness?

Wilderness! Wilderness?

Sometimes we rationalize that it's enough if a place is undeveloped and presents us with a postcard-perfect landscape. Since wild animals are seldom seeen, it's easy not to notice their absence. But each missing plant or animal, seemingly insignificant in itself, creates a vacuum over time. What we perceived as wild is no longer so. It is something less. We are left with a beautiful landscape that was once so much more. — Bev Doolittle

A poster issued in 1983 for $65 each. Image size: 20" x 30"
Currently available on the secondary market only — call for quote.

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