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No Respect by Bev Doolittle

Print Size: 11 3/8"w x 13 3/16"h
Currently available on the secondary market only--call for quote.

Walks Soflty

Walks Softly

My eyes fell on a plaster cast of a wolf track I had made in Alaska years ago. I took it and made a paper copy. The full-size track made a powerful graphic image on the six-inch square of paper. I saw at once that it had the strong design and simplicity I needed for the Chapbook print. A footprint is, after all, the first impression of a live animal on soft earth or snow. It also had the quality I look for when I decide what paint - a suggestion that what you see is only a small part of all that there is to be seen.

Christmas Day Give or Take a Week

After the giant Sequoias were established as a national park in 1890, Congress also designated the " General Grant " tree as the Nation's Christmas tree. How appropriate with the cinnamon-red bark and "Christmas" green foliage against a backdrop of "snow-white" snow.
As much as I would have liked to paint the " General Grant" tree - it just didn't have a very good cave. So I made up my very own " Christmas Sequoia" for this mountain man  to find shelter, peace, and warmth in on Christmas Day. He has unloaded his horse, gathered wood, made a fire, and rigged up a makeshift cooking stick for his meal of a local game bird. He has even taken time to cut down a small tree and decorate it with his meager possessions - a locket, a pocket watch, an Indian shell necklace, and a mirror.

I would imagine the mountain man's calendar was not accurate, therefore I've decided to title this painting, "Christmas Day Give Or Take A Week"

Christmas Day Give Or Take A Week

The Art Of Camouflage

The Art Of Camouflage

The challenge here was to use camouflage art in a new way, incorporating words into the design. I did a series of backgrounds, different kinds of rocks and trees. Once I had ironed out the concept, I settled down and had fun. An Indian warrior on horseback is one of my favorite subjects to paint.

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