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22 1/4" x 28"
Edition Size 1,500 s/n 1984
Sold out at publisher
call for current price and availability

Let My Spirit Soar

My thoughts fly up like birds in the sky.
I am free. I can fly.
I go everywhere. I see everything.
Towering mountain ranges
and a tiny flower growing in the desert.
I see cities and highways and a fallen tree
I see a grandmother telling a story to a child.
I sit quietly
But my thoughts fly up like the birds in the sky.
Only I know where they go.

When you sit quietly, where do your thoughts go?
What do you see?

Bev Doolittle

22 1/4" x 28"
Sold out at publisher
call for current price and availability

The Sentinel

Stay with me, Wolf Brother,
As I watch over my village.
Lend me your sharp eyes.
Help me to Remember that I am part of all I see.
Every animal and bird
Every rock, every tree.
We are all part of the beautiful circle of life
Created by the Great Spirit.

Gray Wolf's guardian spirit is very near.
Can you see him?

Bev Doolittle

20 3/4" x 31 1/4"

Spirit of the Grizzly

Out of the mist rising
A young Indian comes riding,
Riding though bear country
Riding alone.
It is early spring, but there is snow on the ground
And a storm in the air.
The Indian wears a bearskin robe.
His name is Brave Bear.
Brave Bear has always tried to be like his name,
Strong, intelligent, brave.
He wishes that his guardian spirit could be
The grandfather of all bears,
The great grizzly.

Does Brave Bear
get his wish?

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