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The Good Omen

Occasionally while hiking in the desert near my home. I'll get lucky and see a golden eagle. The sight of this magnificent bird soaring free in its environment always inspires me. The eagle was a source of inspiration for the Native Americans, too. The Indians envisioned the golden eagle as the embodiment of the Great Spirit. By wearing eagle's feathers, they believed themselves to be possessed of part of the Great Spirit's power. To view a golden eagle while on a raiding or hunting expedition was considered especially lucky. Here three Crow Indian warriors watch the silent flight of a golden eagle, probably pausing to give thanks to the Great Spirit for "The Good Omen."

Bev Doolittle

Unknown Presence

If you've ever been camping out in the wilderness you can relate to this painting. Picture yourself sitting around a campfire. Somewhere out there in the darkness you hear something. Is it the wind, a bear, or is it just your imagination? This Mountain Man has heard something and it worries him enough that he's reaching for his rifle. You gotta figure a gut this experienced isn't just imagining things. There is something out there! If you don't believe him, or me, just look at his horse. He hears it too!
No I'm not going to tell you what the "Presence" is. I'm not really sure........

Bev Doolittle

Escape by a Hare

The components of this scene could all be found right outside my studio window, here in the desert. Breaking the arid expanse of rock and sand are prickly pear cactus and clumps of bunch grass. These have taken on the long shadows of early morning or evening, a very active time of day for the animals that live here. Black-tailed rabbits and red tailed hawks are common sights. The red-tails streaking shadow is more than enough to tell this jack rabbit to run. And that disembodied shadow intensifies our identification with the fleeing jack rabbit.

Bev Doolittle

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