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Two More Indian Horses
(print 1)

Two More Indian Horses
(print 2)

Two More Indian Horses
(print 3)

Two More Indian Horses

Two More Indian Horses

Two More Indian Horses

The New Story Begins . . .
Behind you: The view in the shaving mirror reveals calm, tethered horses, tended by a U.S. Cavalry soldier.
In front of you: All seems motionless
in the forest...but is it? What is approaching?

The story continues . . .
Behind you: the image in the mirror reveals part of what the woods has kept hidden.
In front of you: What other secret do the trees hide? It is there, right in front of your eyes . . .

The end.?
Behind you: Are there as many horses now as in the first panel? Count again . . .
In front of you: Bid farewell to what are now two more Indian horses as they disappear into the forest.

Three More For Breakfast

In the mirror he has hung on a tree
We can see a mountain man eating his breakfast.
He doesn't expect guests
But he is about to have company.
Who is coming?
He can't see.
But we can, can't we?

Three More For Breakfast

Image size: 12"w x 12"h each print.
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