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Calling The Buffalo

Calling The Buffalo

In "Calling The Buffalo," a medicine man of the Sioux has been chosen by his tribe to call the great herd. He goes away from his camp, choosing one of the infrequent water holes from which to make his prayers. Guided by rituals handed down from the medicine men of one generation to another, he chants and prays to the spirit of the buffalo. He uses the powerful magic of a buffalo skull to entice the herd into this tribe's territory. Knowing his people's survival depends upon his success, he focuses his spiritual power and casts his big medicine into his call. The only question remaining is, will the buffalo heed his call?

Eagle Heart
Image Size:  16 1/2" x 16 1/2"

Eagle Heart

At the end of the day, as they sat chatting around the campfire, Bear Heart, with a sweeping hand gesture, told Bev, " In what you are doing, you are keeping all of us alive. You may think your canvas is inanimate, but what you put into it speaks for itself. It cries out " Look at me! Look at me, full of life, in harmony with the landscape!" In my case, when you paint a grizzly, you're sustaining the life of my father and my father's relatives, because I am of the bear clan. My father was of the bear clan. I regard bears, all bears, as my father."

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

I sing of hemlocks whispering mysteries,
Of meadows green with promise,
Of lakes with secrets,
Of mountain peaks in touch with eternity,
Of solitude filled with murmurings we can never hear,
Of presences that hover just beyond the edge of perception,
Of meanings etched in snow, transcribed with wings,
I sing the truth
Of hidden things.

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