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Wolves Of The Crow

Wolves of the Crow

Run with me, Wolf Brother,
Teach me to be like a wolf,
Faster than fear,
Stronger than cold.
To read the wind,
Find the way.
Teach me to be
As valuable to my tribe
As you are to yours.

The Forest Has Eyes

The Forest has Eyes

They Lived on this land and loved it
A thousand years before Columbus discovered it.
We call them Native Americans.
They call themselves The People.
They were scattered like leaves.
Where they walked softly, cities roar.
But their spirits remain.
We can never be alone.
Someone who loved this land watches over it.

Can you see the faces in the forest watching you?

Prayer to the Wild Things

Prayer for the Wild Things

If you spend a long time in a wild place,
You hear things, you see things
You didn't know were there.
In this wild place you might hear
Chief Eagle Feather's prayer.
He is thanking the Great Spirit
for the wild creatures
that share his world with him.
The four-legged ones.
The ones that swim in the water.
The ones who fly through the air.
Hidden, but near, the animals and birds
Pray with the chief, but not in words.

How many creatures can you
discover in this wild place?

Rushing War Eagle

Rushing War Eagle

From the time that an Indian is a boy, he seeks to become more and more like the animal he has chosen to be his helper throughout life. When a warrior adorns himself with eagle's feathers, claws and bones, he brings to himself the special strengths and abilities of the great Eagle Spirit. Rushing War Eagle is a painting of a warrior who has been empowered by his chosen protector - the golden eagle.

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