Olympic Torch

       The same materials and technology used to display and protect fine art can also be used to display your other prized collectibles. We've framed everything from someone's old hip prothesis to a bridal dress. Shown here are just a few examples of what can be done.


       The following are links to manufacturers of framing supplies that we use. At these sites you'll find information, and additional ideas and examples we can use to enhance and protect your art work. If you see something you like, be sure to let us know:

        La Marche Moulding Co.
        Larson Juhl
        Nurre Caxton

Flag, letter, and medal
U2 durmmer Bono drumhead
Super Bowl Memento Box Super Bowl Memento Box

Call us today to discuss your framing requests at (661) 733-0906, or send email to galleryjosephs@gmail.com(For fastest service, please include your phone number in your message.)

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Bev DoolittleŚ Special!