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CUSTOM  INLAID  FRAMES for Bev Doolittle prints
specifically designed for each individual print and crafted from the finest hardwoods.

Each frame is a work of art in itself. The framemaker creates the main body of the frame from American Black Walnut. Inlaid patterns of White Maple, Ebony, and Coco Bolo (an exotic red hardwood from Brazil) complement each print. The name of the print is lazer engraved in an inlaid maple "nameplate." A lacquer finish brings out and preserves the vibrant natural grains of the wood. These inlaid frames are an ideal way to display our Doolittle prints.

Eagle Heart
No Respect
Prayer for the Wild Things
Rushing War Eagle
Sacred Circle
Sacred Ground
Three More for Breakfast
Woodland Encounter

Also available: "When the Wind Had Wings" and "Music in the Wind"

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