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sf_gustafson.jpg (9179 bytes) The tilt of a head ... the gleam of an eye ... the subtlety of expression ... Scott Gustafson - the newest artist in the Greenwich Workshop Collection -- breathes new life in all the famous fairy tale folk he creates or interprets with a vibrant sense of character and movement. He combines real emotions, real expressions, and real movement in fun, fantasy characters. It's the animation Scott brings to each of his works of art in porcelain that gives him his unique popularity.
"I'll always remember the great nursery rhymes read to me and the fairy tales realized by Walt Disney, then satired by Warner Brothers cartoons. I think it was the combination of the two which really inspired me to follow in their footsteps, along with such great artists as N.C. Wyeth, Arthur Rackham, and Norman Rockwell. I love these stories today as much as when I was a kid. I think we all do. After all, that's why they're called "classics"" -- Scott Gustafson


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