ARTIST PORTFOLIO—Part One:   Exhibits of selected works from several of our favored artists with names beginning with the letter "L" though "Z," plus exhibits by several publishers.    Gallery Josephs Fine Art has one of the largest inventories of quality art products for both the novice and the experienced collector. We have original paintings, sculptures and limited edition prints by famous artists and tomorrow's stars.

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David Barnhouse: As soon as he could hold a pencil, the artist started expressing his artistic talents. One of his first drawings was a threshing machine on his grandfather's farm in Ohio. "He drew all the little details," remembers his mother, who encouraged her son to pursue his art. Currently, Barnhouse has settled into the Americana genre, constantly working with illumination and adding a nostalgic touch to make viewers feel they are actually present and a part of the painting.
Lee Bogle: Collectors know Lee Bogle for his images of Native Americans, often solitary figures of women whose beauty far surpasses the superficial. Other works depict men and women, who appear as soulmates rather than romantic couples. He combines realistic detail with the expressive qualities of abstraction in the Oriental tradition and instills a serenity in his images that has become one of his hallmarks.
June Carey June Carey: Intense color and dramatic light effects, set California landscape artist June Carey's work apart from that of other landscape artists. By capturing the magic of the sunlight falling on the land, Carey creates portals on canvas that transport the viewer to places where they too can bask in the sun and experience the beauty and wonder of both the hand of God and of Man on the land.
J.D. Challenger JD Challenger: Portraits of Native Americans
J.D. Challenger's artwork is a monument to the rugged American Indians who fought to preserve their homeland. His spiritual paintings of Native Americans convey the pride, courage, and sorrow of a nation that struggled to survive as it was destroyed by another. Their way of life can never be regained, but their strength lives on in J.D. Challenger's heart. He is a man of depth, belief and conviction, and as long as he continues to deliver the messages of old Indian ghosts, they will live on forever.
Hi I'm James C. Christensen James C. Christensen: "There's a magical quality about this. These characters have lived in my head as painted pictures, and now to be able to walk around them is the next best thing to their coming to life. The detail, freshness, and fantasy qualities of the land a little left of reality have been captured with excellent execution and a high degree of craftsmanship. It's a delightful revelation for me."
James Coleman James Coleman: A name synonymous with sweeping skies, tropical rain forests, rich deep woods and silent deserts. The images created by this talented man continue to delight all that view them. Walt Disney Productions welcomed his creative energies. His first film, "Winnie, the Pooh and Tigger, too", sparked his interest not only in painting backgrounds but also in background design and color styling.
Hi I'm Robert R. Copple Robert R. Copple: "By blending my award-winning wildlife painting and fine art landscape photography. I have created my own art form called Illusionary Images. It offers the viewer an image that neither painter nor photographer alone could create - an image on step closer to reality than a painter could render, and yet beyond the realistic capabilities of photography."
Bev Doolittle Bev Doolittle  combines beautiful and inspirational images of wilderness and Native Americans with her trademark camouflage technique to slow down the viewing process and to tell a story. Thus, the "fine art phenomenon" of Bev Doolittle.
Tom Dubois self-portrait Tom DuboisTom's deeply felt religious beliefs inspired many of his fine art paintings, and he is well known for his beautiful religious paintings as well as his Disney classics.
Warriors in the Wind Exhibit Allen Eckman's Warriors in the Wind: A unique exhibit of high-detail, bust-relief, cast paper sculpture.
Rod Edwards Rod Edwards an en plein air aritist, who made California's beautiful Santa Clarita Valley with its dramatically lit landscapes, both his home and his studio.
Peter Ellenshaw Peter Ellenshaw was a Disney Legend and Academy Award winner. His special effects matte paintings were featured in the classic film, Mary Poppins, and other Disney films. View Peter's original paintings and limited editions here.
Arnold Friberg Arnold Friberg's" subject matter ranges from scenes from the Bible, to American football. He has painted scenes from the American and Canadian West, portraits of members of the English Royal family, and much much more. While his paintings are realistic and historically correct, it is Mr. Friberg's extraordinary ability to capture not only the drama of history, but also the vibrancy and inner strength of human characteristics that has earned him the respect and recognition as one of the great master painters of modern times. .
Michael and Inessa Garmash Michael and Inessa Garmash are considered two of the finest Romantic Impressionists of our day. Their incredible talent is only matched by their love and career stories. These Russian painters are known for their beatuiful portraits of women and children and their striking landscapes.
Scott Gustafson: The tilt of a head ... the gleam of an eye ... the subtlety of expression ... Scott Gustafson breathes new life in the famous fairy tale folk he creates or interprets with a vibrant sense of character and movement. He combines real emotions, real expressions, and real movement in fun, fantasy characters. It's the animation Scott brings to each of his works of art in porcelain that gives him his unique popularity.
Click here to see the Steve Hanks Gallery Steve Hanks:   For over 20 years, Steve Hanks has sensitively portrayed women and children with great artistry.
Click here to see the G. Harvey Gallery G. Harvey:   G. Harvey has painted turn-of-the-century America as no other artist. His scenes are warm, thoughtful portraits of our country's bustling cities in a more genteel era and outstanding Western sagas of working cowhands at home in rugged landscapes.
Click here to see the Richard Johnson Gallery Richard Johnson:   The luminescent beauty and lyrical quality of Richard S. Johnson's work is what captivates collectors today. "Old Masters" technical virtuosity, pre-Raphael romanticism, and contemporary expressionism and abstraction all combine to create his unique works of touching depth and artistry.
The Thomas Kinkade Gallery Thomas Kinkade: Gardens, bridges, manors and more from the "Painter of Light"
Susan Kliewer Susan Kliewer  is a highly skilled sculptor who brings to life in bronze characters from the Navajo and Hopi cultures with which she has conatant contact. Her works reflect in-depth knowledge of these cultures and a passion for Southwest American history in general.
Steve Kushner Steve Kushner: The Steve Kushner Camouflage Collection (animals in wilderness settings)
Judy Larson Judy Larson uses the rare and demanding scratchboard technique to create her stunning images. Working on smooth Clayboard, a board with a white china clay surface, she paints her subject solidly with black India ink, then she scratches out magnificent detail. Two themes predominate, and often converge, in Judy's "art of concealed imagery": the precarious balance of wildlife in today's environment and the fate of Native Americans, whom Larson especially admires for their intuitive understanding of ecological balance.
Click Here to See Our Ron Lesser Section Ron Lesser's attention to detail, a devotion to strong and dramatic compositions coupled with a unique creative vision sets a Ron Lesser painting apart. This overall impact transports the viewer to another time and another place.

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Z.S. Liang Z.S. Liang is inspired by the Native American Indian culture and their traditional way of life, and his painting focuses primarily on the subject. His passion for the Indian as a people, coupled with an emphasis on historical accuracy, embues his work with a strength and truth, which have evoked comparisons to the great masters of modern Western art like Howard Terpning and Frank McCarthy.
Stephen Lyman Stephen Lyman works contained in Western Art Exhibit  For those unfamiliar with Stephen's work we recommend reading Into the Wilderness-An Artists Journey, paintings and photography by Stephen Lyman, text by former Sierra magazine editor, Mark Mardon, and introduction by Bev Doolittle.

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