Susan Kliewer

  World renowned sculptor Susan Kliewer is a native of Southern California, but has made Arizona her home for 35 years. In the 1970s, Susan managed the Marble Canyon trading post, gas station, hotel, restaurant, and grocery store, in a remote area of Northern Arizona, adjacent to the Navajo Reservation. In her free time she painted portraits of Native Americans.

Moving to Sedona, Arizona in 1979, she convinced Buffalo Bronze Foundry to hire her for "a man's job," where she helped produce bronze sculptures for established artists. Among those sculptors were Joe Beeler, Buck McCain, and Johnny Hampton. They taught her many of their techniques, critiqued her work and encouraged Kliewer to develop her own talents as a sculptor.

She began experimenting with the medium and by 1988 felt confident enough to strike out on her own. Since then, her artistic repertoire has included two monumental figurative sculptures, Sedona and The Sinagua, both on public display in Sedona. She has created other monuments that have gone all over the U.S. and to Europe.

Susan often uses her Native American friends and relatives as models to capture the special intimacy which is a hallmark of her work. Her depiction of cowboys and Indians in everyday life, from the past as well as the present are, as one critic said, “Truly heartfelt”.

“My work”, she says, “aims to show the common thread that underlies all human experience, and which, I hope, brings us to a greater understanding between all peoples”. We hope you enjoy her work as much as we do.

Pride of
  the Plains

Return to San Carlos


  Star Gazers

Free As The Wind

Elusive As The Wind

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