The Art of  Z. S. Liang

Lakota Sash Bearer

View the New Release Jan 2012 Lakota Sash Bearer, 1848

Camp Sentry

Camp Sentry

Painted Robe for Powder and Ball

Hot Chase

Beneath the Cottonwoods

The Grizzly Claw Necklace

Lakota Warriors, Little Big Horn, June 25th, 1876

Lakota Warrior

Navajo Girl

Fish Hawk

Leader of the Tribe



*View the New Release Jan 2012*
Lakota Sash Bearer, 1848

Those fortunate enough see Z. S. Liang work in person are quick to compare him to the great masters of modern Western art like Howard Terpning and Frank McCarthy.

While studying and painting the Wampanoag Indian Culture at the Outdoor Museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Liang was inspired by the Native American Indian culture and their traditional way of life. He began to focus his painting primarily on the subject, and during the ensuing years of field research he made many connections and friends among the tribal people, from the East Coast to the Rocky Mountains. His passion for the Indian as a people, coupled with an emphasis on historical accuracy, embues his work with a strength and truth, which along with his exceptional talent with color and light, you can perceive in these releases.

Born in China in 1953, and raised in a family of artists, Liang published his first painting at age 6 in a children?s magazine. He went on to achieve a broad education in fine art that spanned two continents, beginning at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, and culminating in a Master's Degree of Fine Art in Painting, at Boston University. His award-winning paintings hang in both corporate and private collections around the world and several of his murals are permanently on display in New York City. Now you can add one his stirring masterpieces to your collection.

Little Big Horn

Trading with the Blackfeet, Montana Territory, 1860

Plunder of Many Horses

Woodland Warrior

The Signal

Old Chief's Story by Z.S. Liang

Old Chief's Story

Transferring the Bear Knife by Z.S. Liang

Transferring the Bear Knife

Eagle Dancer Potawtomi

Pueblo Street Market by Z.S. Liang

Pueblo Street Market

Solitary Hunter by Z.S. Liang

Solitary Hunter

Family Tradition, Navajo by Z.S. Liang

Family Tradition, Navajo

Circling the Enemy by Z.S. Liang

Circling the Enemy

Grandpa's Blessing

  Pequot Warrior by Z.S. Liang

Pequot Warrior

Pride of the Piegan

Redrock Crossing,
Northwest Montana, 1850

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