Arleta Pech
Pick Your Favorite Flowers
and Enjoy Them Forever!

Arleta's lavish flowers do look real enough to pick, bathed in radiant light and surrounded by cascades of elegant white lace. The only white seen in her paintings and limited edition prints is the white of the paper. The impact and delicacy of her work attests to her facility with her preferred medium—water color. A selection of Arleta's work is shown here; click on the thumbnail (left) or the painting name (below) to see a larger image. There's more on Page 2.

ARTISTS! Arleta will be holding a four-day watercolor workshop at Gallery Josephs Fine Art Monday, October 9, through Thursday, October 12, 2000. Limited seating—Contact us for details. Phone (661) 733-0906, or , or send e-mail to

The Artist's philosophy:
        It's important as an artist, to stay true to your inner voice. It will guide you though the journey as an artist. And that journey never ends, with growth, insight, and refining your craft.
        Don't worry about following what it considered correct, or "In style." This is as fleeting as the wind. Strive to paint what feels right to you, and you will succeed in touching all that view your efforts.
        Stay in the "Wonder" of the moment, just as we did as beginning artists. Never be afraid of failure, for this is the true experience of growth.
        A painting is never finished, it just stops in interesting places.

Arleta Pech

A.  Heirloom Memories
B.  Teatime—Tulips
C.  Cluster of Peonies
D.  Orchid Magic
E.   Lady of the Evening
F.   Tickled Pink
G.  Trumpet Song
H.  Grandmother's Gift
I.    Flirtation
J.    Apple Blossum Time
K.   Faithful Standbys
L.   Hearts and Flowers
M.  The First Taste of Spring

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