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Peter Ellenshaw was a master of Matte Painting. He helped to create many classic films, and his work on Mary Poppins won him an Academy Award.

Peter was officially honored as a "Disney Legend" in 1993 by the Walt Disney company.

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About Peter Ellenshaw

Matte Painter Peter Ellenshaw Part I

Some famous films have been created using Matte Paintings. Matte painting is the technique of creating part or all of a landscape or scene using a very realistic painting on a glass sheet that is then filmed along with the actors and any "real world' parts of the set that exist, to create the illusion of a place or objects being in the actual film.

Using matte paintings, a studio can film a large building, on an open lot, that isn't really there, or show a whole city like Edwardian London while filming on a sound stage as they did in the classic film , Mary Poppins.

Peter Ellenshaw was born in 1913 in England. At a young age, a local artist Ellenshaw met in England mentored him not only in painting on canvas, but in painting on glass for the purpose of creating matte backgrounds for film.

After a brief yearlong stint at MGM, Ellenshaw left in 1947 upon receiving a call to work for Walt Disney Studios on the film, Treasure Island. As it turned out, his partnership with Disney would last over thirty years and earn him five Oscar nominations.

The work of Peter Ellenshaw is represented in both public and private galleries worldwide. He has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including those by the American Film Institute, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Film Institute in Chicago, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the R.W. Norton Art Museum in Shreveport, Louisiana, and the Disney Legends Awards.

In February of 2007, Peter passed away peacefully at his home in Santa Barbara, California. He was 93 years of age. His paintings and the films he helped to create continue to bring joy to those who view them.

Peter Ellenshaw with Walt Disney

Peter Ellenshaw with Walt Disney


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