Phillips Bay — North America's quintessential hometown The Phillips Bay Collection by William S. Phillips


Moonwatchers (1996)  (thumbnail)
Evening Song  (thumbnail)
Rejoice (thumbnail)
Rejoice (thumbnail)
Rejoice (thumbnail)
Winter Visitors at Kringle Hill Inn(thumbnail)
The artist at work--drawing Welcome to Phillips Bay, a charming spot you won't find on any map. It is a place of simple joys, where life sets a gentle, easy pace.

There's no better place to experience the turning of the seasons than by the waterfront of Phillips Bay as shown in Accompaniment to the Symphony of Spring (Spring), Rejoice (Summer), The Tender Cares of Autumn (Fall), and Wintering Over (Winter), but this charming town has much more to offer. It's the setting for many of Bill Phillips' most popular nostalgic works including Evening Song, Moonwatchers and Summer of 45.

Bill will continue to share the colorful history, people and places of Phillips Bay through his ongoing series of paintings, each a story within itself.

The Best Seat in the House
  (thumbnail) The Heavens Proclaim His Glory

Summer of 45: And All Creation Rejoices
Wintering Over
Storm Watchers
December of '45 (thumbnail)
Spring Fling (thumbnail)
Accompaniment to the Symphony of Spring (thumbnail)
Tender Cares of Autumn  (thumbnail)
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