Susan von Borstel
Unique Original Paintings on StoneľAvailable From Gallery Josephs Fine Art

About Susan von Borstel

Susan von Borstel

Susan von Borstel's unique paintings on stone have a beautiful quality, whether small works on travertine, or large paintings on onyx with it's stunning lines, enhanced by Susan's creativity and talent.

After a successful career painting on canvas, Susan's love of horses and art came together on a horseback riding trip in Spain, where she became intrigued by nature's patterns in stone. This led to the inspiration and artistic expression to paint on stone. Inspiration alone was not enough and Susan had to engage the technical guidance of several chemist to devise and fully develop the archival process to create these lasting works of art.

Susan began drawing and painting at an early age and she went on to earn a degree in Zoology and Art. She is an award-winning artist, an associate member of Oil Painters of America and a proud member of the American Academy of Equine Art. Her artwork has appeared in many magazines and on their covers.

We hope you will enjoy browsing these unique pieces of art as much as we do.

All of Susan's square and rectangular paintings come framed and the irregular shaped stone paintings are mounted and ready to be hung.

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Crossing Rocky Rapids painting by Susan von Borstel
Crossing Rocky Rapids
Oil on Onyx 32" x 24"
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Coming on Strong, an original painting by Susan von Borstel
Coming on Strong
Oil on Travertine 28" x 36"
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Lightning, an original painting by Susan von Borstel
Oil on Marble 17" x 28"
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On Onyx by Susan von Borstel
On Onyx
Oil on Onyx
12" x 12"
Koi, painting by Susan von Borstel
Oil on Granite 16" x 20"
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New Day, painting by Susan von Borstel
New Day
Oil on Travertine 16" x 16"

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