Assault on the Capital
by Robert Taylor

Assault on the Capital by Robert Taylor

Image size: 26 1/2" x 16";
Overall print size: 33" x 24 1/2" 500 signed and numbered prints; signed by FIVE Luftwaffe Knight's Cross holders - Issue price: US$295.00; CND$460
50 Artist's Proofs, issue price: US$500; CND$775

Assault on the Capital

Led by Herbert Ihlefeld, Me109Es of II/LG2 dive through the bomber formation giving chase to Hurricanes of 242 Squadron, during a running battle with RAF fighters following the Luftwaffe's first major strike against London, September 7, 1940--the first raid of the Blitz. Today will prove to be the turning point of the Battle of Britain: The Luftwaffe's switch from attacks on RAF bases to the blitzing of England's cities gave the RAF Fighter Command the reprieve it so desperately needed, and cost the Luftwaffe the Battle of Britain, halted Hitler's invasion plans, and ultimately cost Germany the war. This majestic painting depicts a moment from that defining day in the most significant air battle ever fought.

Individually numbered 1-250 Issued with matching numbered companion drawing, Battle Over Dover(see right)
Each print is this edition is signed by twelve additional Luftwaffe pilots, making a total of SEVENTEEN signatures

Issue price: US$695.00; CND$1085
25 Remarques, issue price: US$1250; CND$1950

Battle Over Dover by Robert Taylor

(pencil drawing issued with ASSAULT ON THE CAPITAL—Millenium Proof edition)

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