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Size: 271/2" w x 201/2" h
Edition Size: 900 s/n
Price: $225.00

BADER LEGEND. The Inspired Fighter Leader.

The loss of both legs in a flying accident brought Douglas Bader's promising flying career to an abrupt end in 1931. However the outbreak of war saw Bader reinstated to the RAF and, complete with artificial legs, piloting a Spitfire in the thick of the action at the time of Dunkirk.

With the Battle of Britain imminent, Bader was given command of a depleted squadron of young demoralised Canadian pilots following the fall of France. When assigned a new squadron commander with no legs, the pilots of 242 Squadron became even more despondent. Typically, Bader quickly dispelled their doubts with a brilliant and daring aerobatic demonstration in his Hurricane, and within a few weeks the dynamic Squadron Leader transformed the dispirited Canadians into one of the RAF's elite fighter units.

By the time he became Wing Leader at Tangmere he was already a legend. Though his tenure was short - he was brought down over northern France on August 9, 1941 - Bader's inspired leadership spawned some of WWII's greatest fighter leaders - Johnnie Johnson, Denis Crowley-Milling, Stan Turner, 'Cocky' Dundas, and many others.

Robert Taylor's beautiful, atmospheric painting, the original canvas signed by Douglas Bader, offers a magnificent study of the legendary Wing Leader's MkV Spitfire.

With each print individually signed by four fighter Aces who flew in combat with Douglas Bader, this fine collector print will serve as a nostalgic memento of arguably the most charismatic fighter pilot of all time.

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