Dale TerBush

There are many artists who paint the skies, only one who paints the heavens. Dale TerBush is that artist. His landscapes come from within his own imagination - flow from his own sense of spirit and self. Each TerBush landscape is a unique dream world - initially familiar, yet, as a closer look reveals, each is a world of its own. Viewing his work has been described as “an experience rather than merely a sensation,” and “beyond beautiful, to something purely spiritual and poetic.”

These romantic visions are often compared to the works of the Hudson River School - the 19th Century body of artists who glorified nature, creating Eden-like scenes of lakes, rivers, mountains and other pastoral subjects.

TerBush is a Master at illumination and the use of exciting, yet unexpected, color. You'll find in his paintings an intensity in the use of color and light. Some have even compared his use of color to the 20th Century master Maxfield Parrish.

Whether it is an original painting or remarkable reproduction, TerBush's work is highly sought after all over the world. Collectors of his paintings range from Celestine Prophecy author James Redfield, developer Donald Trump, Country Western singer Reba McIntire and international Heads of State - to name a few. TerBush has broken gallery records world wide, and his international acclaim grows rapidly with each new release - each a poetic symbol of a powerful experience and a dream not to be forgotten.

Along with his dynamic painting, TerBush enjoys sharing his romantic poetry:

God's Love Beyond Life      

Remember me when all others have gone,
For I will be here to awaken your dawn,
Though many have said they loved you to last,
I am your future and I was your past.
The thoughts that you dream are all that I know.
So this love that is given be given to show
That when you awake from your heaven-sent sleep
I will be there, beside you to keep.
Forever and always, your love to be
As in this life throughout eternity.


TerBush is the quintessential artist and poet; instilling inspiration and energy in all who experience his work. He paints the Heavens but reveals the soul.

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