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Wayne Weberbauer"I have always endeavored to express the aesthetic side of life, the romantic side of life, and audiences have embraced that expression with joy and happiness the world over"

Painting wildlife in exotic settings became an everyday occurrence for Wayne. This was a vehicle in which he could preserve endangered species in timeless oils now and for years to come. The Artist's thought provoking images soon made him realize the gift he had for the world.

Upon graduating The Newark School of Art in Newark, New Jersey, Wayne headed west to California for a more aesthetic lifestyle, and he found it in Carmel. Upon arriving, Wayne soon began showing throughout Carmel. It was there that he met his beautiful wife Shelly, and soon after had their first child, Kirsten. It was the birth of Kirsten that spurred on the creation the Mother Baby Tiger series. Many of those images can be seen world wide through prints, cards, puzzles, shirts, posters, and on plates from the famous Franklin Mint.

Wayne has also painted countless landscapes with his children in many of them. There have been farm scenes, oceanscapes, landscapes, garden scenes and much much more.

He and his family are members of The Greater LA Zoo, The Wildlife Way Station, The Big Hom Sheep Institute, and many more. Several fund raisers have been done for the rainforests of the world, the big horn sheep, and more. Many of those images are as popular as ever today. You see, it does remind us of the beauty around us and the importance of keeping it as a part of our lives for always. Wayne's paintings have been circulated around the world by way of collectors and galleries for many years.
Landscapes Collection
Still Standing painting by Wayne Weberbauer
Still Standing
22 x 28
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South of Carmel paintingby Wayne Weberbauer
South of Carmel
24 x 36
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Wildlife Collection
Tender Touch painting by Wayne Weberbauer
Tender Touch
24 x 30
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Iris Tiger by Wayne Weberbauer
Iris Tiger
24 x 30
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